BIDSS | SQL Server

SQL Server

A Relational Database Management System (Relational Database Management System) designed for the business environment, which allows organizing, managing and receiving information that is stored in a database, provides greater scalability to explore objects, and Script integration.

SQL Server is a fundamental tool for data control. SQL Server works primarily with an enterprise data store. It protects, processes and provides controled access to this data. In addition, SQL works as an analysis tool with Power BI and Excel, where reportage services also come into play, worked to facilitate the creation of reports either with infographics or diagrams. It contains the R and Python languages, which work in conjunction with Microsoft Machine Learning Services. This integrates machine learning with business workflows and allows for an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Obtain the following benefits:

  • Industry Leader: Create mission-critical applications for online transaction processing (OLTP) with exceptional scalability, performance and high availability.
  • Advanced security: Protect data at rest and on the move. SQL Server is the least vulnerable database for the sixth consecutive year according to the NIST vulnerability database.
  • Integral mobile BI: Transform data into practical knowledge. Provide information on any device, with or without connection, a fifth of the cost of other self-service solutions.
  • Advanced analysis in the database: Analyze data directly within the SQL Server database (without moving the data) by R, the well-known statistical language.
  • Designed for the hybrid cloud: Get a platform and consistent tools to more easily move workloads between your data center, private cloud or Microsoft Azure.