BIDSS | SharePoint


Provides complete features for content management, implements business processes- and provides access to essential information for organizational objectives and processes. Provides a integrated platform to plan, implement and manage intranet, extranet and internet applications in the company and outside of it.

SharePoint, like most programs in Office 365, has the advantage of being accessible from almost any device. Its functionality consists of the easy sending, storage, and organization of information. You can upload files in the document library to access them on any device, send information to the entire company, create contact groups, make calendars and lists for management of project, among other things. It is a very useful program for those companies that present problems such as loss of data, the inability to work anywhere, or the lack of process automation. SharePoint is presented as a thrifty tool because it increases the efficiency of the employees and in the long term decreases the costs of the company.

Obtain the following benefits:

  • Create cohesion and inform employees through the intranet
  • Improve the efficiency of the organization by sharing resources and common applications in the portals
  • Communicate your message with attractive communication sites and keep you up to date with personalized news on the main page and in SharePoint mobile apps.